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DonerLand is the most true home style Mediterranean nourishment in Toronto. When you stroll into the DonerLand, you’ll feel like a companion, not a client.

New Dishes Every Time

We have faith in the most elevated conceivable quality principles for each and every thing we get ready and serve.

Experienced Chefs

Our professional chef’s with more than decade experience in Mediterranean food and having capability of managing more than 100 clients.

Little About Us

Our History

Our chef’s are intended to be a goal for loved ones to assemble, eat and appreciate. We additionally demand utilizing just the freshest and most astounding quality meats. We are working with motto to serve our clients with delicious and fresh food.


Our Recommends

Exotic delights waiting for you!!

It’s not hard to discover an eatery in Toronto where you can have a one of a kind eating knowledge, however some are more out-of-this-world than others. Dinners at these spots are absolutely life-changing from start to finish. “DonerLand” has been Toronto’s top notch food goal. Warm and welcoming, with extraordinary sustenance and agreeable, experienced staff, it’s the ideal spot for a business lunch, family festivity or sentimental supper. Come meet our new gourmet expert and experience outlandish enjoyments made with the freshest nearby fixings.

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Random Dishes


Chicken Tight

Chicken Tight grilled to prefection served with bulgur, salad and bread.

Adana Kebab

Ground beef with Chef’s own secret blend of seasoning, grilled on skewers served with bulgur, salad and bread.

Kofta Kebab

Mixtures of ground beef seasoned with spicy peppers, tomatoes & special herbs served with rice, salad and bread.

Lamb Chopes

Special marinated lamb chops grilled to perfection served with bulgur, salad and bread.

Beef Doner

Thinly sliced beef doner marinated with Chef’s own blend of seasoning, cooked on rotating shish served with rice, salad and bread.

Chicken Steak

Large Chicken Steak grilled to prefection served with bulgur, salad and bread.